Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Edward Beesley, Geoffrey Bartlett, Jane Craske, Andrew Benzie, John Childs, Tanya Cobb, Lindsey Court,  -  , Marianne Brunning.
Middle left to right: Dorothy Graham,  -  , Barry Finn, Stephen Edlin, Graham Howe, Alison Axtell,  -  ,  -  , Paul Barford, Beverley Austin.
Front left to right:  -  ,  -  , Neil Cowland, Roy Catton (Headmaster), Lois Sanders/Hinton (teacher), Kevin Beach, Nicola Field, Mark Barron.

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  • Middle row second from left is Neil Culank

    By Andrew Benzie (23/04/2020)
  • Hello Michele, Many thanks fo your comment, and I apologise for getting Edward’s name wrong. I cannot remember the pupil’s name who let me borrow their picture to copy, but I do have to rely on others to give me the class names – though they get it wrong sometimes! However, I have now corrected it on the site. I was saddened to hear of Edward’s passing at such an early age – my condolences to you and the family. Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (07/07/2013)
  • Hi Geoff. This is my brother, Edward Beesley’s class photo & I wanted to make an amendment to the details of the amazing photo of class 1972. Edward is standing rear left to right: next to Geoffrey Bartlett. It is also with great sadness that I inform you Edward went to sleep on 29th November 2012; after a short courageous battle against illness. Unfortunately many photos of Ed in his younger years have gone missing & I would welcome, as well as be most grateful for as many photos people can send. Warm regards Michele Malcolm (née Beesley)

    By Michele Malcolm (née Mimi Beesley) (03/07/2013)