Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Sebastian Lera, Robert Stevens,  -  , Peter Crawley, Tony Minnis, Alan Bacon, John Erridge.
3rd row left to right: Terence Hedges, Clive Minker, Andrew Pearce,  -  , Neville Aitken, David Noah.
2nd row left to right: Freddie Semain,  -   , David Carnegie, Michael Nolan, Richard Dunckley.
Front row names unknown.

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  • So sorry, I put the wrong name down! It is the boy captioned as MIchael Nolan that is me, Robert Pedder – not as I put above.

    By Robert Pedder (13/04/2017)
  • The boy captioned as Neville Aitken is in fact me – Robert Pedder.

    By Robert Pedder (06/04/2017)