Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Junior School class, 1974
Geoff Webb

Back row (left to right): Jennifer Cook, Andrew Howe, Arabella Green, Michelle Pointer, Nigel Parry, Sarah Frost, ?, Simon Batley and Hazel Maxwell; third row (left to right): Margaret Little, Philip Lillywhite, Annette Cowland, Jonathon Kendall, Bridget Steel, Helen McCoy, Adrian Tomsett and Mary Collins; second row (left to right): ?, Bruce Kay, Tracy Belshaw, Andrew Hulley, ? (teacher), Angela Bason, Debbie Chapman, John Hill and ?; front row (left to right): Malcolm Weller, Derek Williams, Nigel Pumford, Paul Williams, Richard Newing and Darren Jenkins.

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  • So… I think its Simon Dougherty standing on the back row next to Hazel Maxwell… Erica Blanchard is sitting next to Bruce Kay on the 2nd row. The Teacher is Mrs Fry and sitting on the floor in the front row (right) is Richard Newey and Darrin Jenkins

    By Andy Howe (23/09/2020)