Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Back row (left to right): Tina Orchard, Timothy Morton, Amanda Tudor, Stephen Murphy, Karen Webb, Kevin Worby, Elizabeth Walker, Stephen Cosier, Michael Boot.

3rd row (left to right): Pamela Crawley, Michael Lee, Jane Russell, Graham Smith, Yvonne Streeton, Jeremy Page, Elaine Walters, Sarah Collett, Clive Hilliard, Susan Hanso.

2nd row (left to right): Sheila Mawford, Elaine Thompson, Billy Hunter, Bobby Cowland, Miss Carter (teacher), Ashley Wood, Brenda Baker, Angela Archer, Karen Baxter.

Front row (left to right): Terry Allen, Roy Shuttleworth, Jackie Skeggs, Malica Albone, Timothy Moore, Tony Walters.

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  • It is not Tina orchard. It is Janette Cut more.

    By Jane Crook (13/06/2016)