Junior School Class

Redbourn 1975

By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Kevin Lawrence, Michelle Steer, Andrew Skinner, Shann Hooper, Sarah Picken, Alison Bream, Mark Seabrook, Susan Harvey, Martin Walsh, Julia Burgan.
3rd row left to right: Kerry O’Hara, Pamela Allen, Timothy Reading, Latisha Fox, Caroline Holland, Tracy Minter, Melanie Austin, Colin Watts, Carol Hillier, Alison Humphreys.
2nd row left to right: Colin Archer, Helen Harbord, Kathryn Baxter, Mr. Roy Catton (Headmaster), Mrs. Edna Lindfield, Andrew Coles, Ann Fitzgerald, Stuart Hutchins, Karen Simpkins.
Front left to right: Philip Austin, Sheila Hill, Alistair Corbett, Julie Wylde, Duncan Martin, Susan Newman.

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  • Great photo. Mr Catton was terrifying. I remember the year my class refused to come out for lunch. Everyone was standing in the playground whilst we locked the doors to the Portocabin. Then we sang we shall not we shall not be moved. Mr cross land and catton broke the door down and went biserk. Still have a chuckle but god did they punish us. Happy days

    By Michael (02/06/2013)
  • Thank you for posting this great photo!! I remember it like it was yesterday, fantastic memories and great times 😉

    By Colin Watts (07/01/2012)