Junior School Class


By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Peter Tallantire, Gary Winch, Julie Belshaw, Christopher Burgan, Mark Lomas, Brian le Blonde, Penelope Walsh, Fiona Price, Paul Archer.
3rd row left to right: Alan Reading, Philip Julian, Martin Shipperley, Sarah Axtell, John Pritchard, Catherine Warren, Susan  Frost, David Graham, Nigel Winterbottom, Brian Cowland,  -  .
2nd row left to right: Hazel Kanaar, Heather Godley, Clare Barron, Wendy Beach, Amanda Noel, Lois Sanders/Hinton (teacher), Joanne Parrott, Stacey Biern, Sandra Collins, Linda Sherry, Patricia Stevens.
Front left to right: Gary Maddocks, Charlotte Vickery, Richard O’Sullivan, Debbie Corbett, Anthony Smith, Susan Thatcher, Robert Males, Tony Elding.

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  • My goodness,those where the days!
    Lovely to see.

    By Trish Bates(Stevens) (09/10/2021)
  • Hello Hazel, I will ask HertsMemories to pass on to you my email address so that you can contact me. I can then let you have a copy of the photo. Geoff Webb

    By Geoff Webb (03/12/2012)
  • Hello David, Many thanks for letting me know the amendments needed for the 1974 Junior School class. I will amend the names on the site now. Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (03/12/2012)
  • Hello Hazel, I will ask the website to let you have my email address so that we can get in touch regarding a copy of the photo. Kind regards Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (03/12/2012)
  • WOW!! Was really surprized and delighted to see this picture!! Thanks for renewing the fond memories of Mrs. Hinton’s Class!

    By Joanne Parrott (30/11/2012)
  • 2nd from the left on the 3rd row is Philip Julian. Also, I believe that is me (David Graham) 9th from the left in the 3rd row.

    By David Graham (22/11/2012)
  • Excellent!! How do I get a copy of the photo?? Yes, was Nigel Winterbottom.

    By Hazel Kanaar (19/11/2012)
  • I am in the back row. I believe it should say Nigel Winterbottom rather than Neil in the third row.

    By Mark Lomas (05/05/2012)