Junior School Class

Redbourn 1978/79

By Geoff Webb

Junior School Class
Geoff Webb

Rear left to right: Jane Weir, Stephen Potter, Gareth Warren, Rachael Walter, Robert Luck, Sarah Tillyer.
3rd row left to right: Tracey Smith, Mark Payne, Oliver Moran, Richard Lipscombe, Kevin Rolph, Louise Wright.
2nd row left to right: Simon Taylor, ? Smith, Katherine Thyer, teacher Miss Butterworth, Tamsin Thorn, Wendy Risson.
Front left to right: James Marsh, Darrell Ward, Jane Stonham, Christopher Riches, Aaron White, Mandy Wylde.

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  • Hi Amanda,  Thanks for the information.  I have updated the site.


    By Geoff Webb (14/11/2014)
  • Hi just want to say the boy named as darren ward is darrell ward he is my brother

    By Amanda Smith (13/11/2014)