Flamsteadbury Farm carthorse


By Geoff Webb

Flamsteadbury Farm carthorse
Geoff Webb

One of Clifford Dunn’s carthorses from Flamsteadbury Farm, Redbourn stands patiently outside Greyfriars on Redbourn Common, c.1935

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  • By the turn out of the Shire horse and tip cart I would suggest that it is to be shown in an in a Turn out class at an Agricultural Show. The plait in the horses mane is seldom seen in today’s Shires and is for many horsemen a forgotten art.Sadly a lot of them find difficulty in managing the foursome plait now so commonly the one of choice. The horse in he photo is a good example of the working heavy of his day. No more than 17H H, a good deep chest, a powerful back end and good legs as we say at home plenty of timber under him and a leg at each corner. An ideal working horse. To compliment the horse there is a nice clean well fitting set of single cart harness most probably made locally. If only the agricultural turnout of today were presented as well as this. A true credit to the head horseman of the farm.

    By Mike Grayson (10/11/2011)