Royston Market

Thriving Market

Royston used to have a thriving market, with many varied stalls and an auctioneers behind, where you could buy anything from antiques to livestock!

Market Days

Market days were very busy. Buses came in from all the villages and you would see many faces that you knew doing their weekly shop.

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  • I moved from Edgware, London to Royston in 1962, what a sleepy little town it was then. The winter of 1962/3 was so snowy and cold but I loved the countryside, the white fields the smell of wood smoke, huge snowdrifts on the turns of the country lanes and the excitement of baking a jugged hare on open coals with potatoes cooking on the side of the fire. Summer it was such fun to go to the Green Plunge swimming pool, adjacent to the local cinema The Priory. I have such great memories of Royston and have been interested to see how it has grown over the years, grown but unfortunately not improved. So my memories of the place will always be in the late 1960’s.

    By Janet Harris (25/04/2022)
  • I remember Royston market in the early 1970’s very well. The cattle and sheep and the auctioneers you refer to with rows of cages on the left as one entered containing chickens. They were very noisy! All of my immediate family and most of my ancestors hailed from Royston or nearby.

    By Karen Rogers (31/10/2020)