Emsco Works, Sandridge

Mike Arnold

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any history or stories about the Emsco works in Sandridge, now the council recycling centre I believe, I worked there for a short while when it became Stewart Ross, building water drilling equipment.

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  • I think I worked there for a few months as a young bloke in the Forge shop on shift work. I was mainly working on the chain block on the giant swlvel arm gantry used to take the steel billets out of the furnace and into the power forge. I remember someone called Ernie – think he was driving the forge hammer. There would be 3 or 4 people on the large tongs that held the orange hot billet, which was then swung into position so that the forge hammmer could squash it into shape – If I got the height wrong all the people on the tongs would get catapaulted into the air and start swearing at me. There were old arm chairs to sit on when the billets were being heated and crickets living in the wall chirping away – very dirty physical job. I used to finish on a warm summer’s day and it would feel chilly outside.

    By Tim Martin (26/12/2021)