Living in St Albans during WW2 cont'd

In hospital with Dunkirk survivors

By Eamonn O'malley

In 1940, I broke one of my toes swinging on our front gate and went into Barts hospital at Hill End,where as a two year old I had a small operation to fix it.

They put me into a men’s ward, which was fully occupied by injured survivors of Dunkirk. It turned out that these poor soldiers had lice in their hair – as if their war injuries weren’t enough. Of course, I caught the lice too, and we all had to have our heads shaved.

I was then transferred to a women’s ward, where I was of course the only male! What a fuss they all made of me. I don’t remember it, but I must have thoroughly enjoyed all the attention I was having during those few days in hospital.

I am told that nowadays women find men with shaved heads sexy. Perhaps I was the one who started it!!!

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    By Colin Hazell (25/07/2020)