Children's Poems about the Odeon

The Odeon Journey project visited two local primary schools, Mandeville and Camp, and worked with 60 children in year 5 and 6 to create films, poems and artwork in response to the history and future of the Odeon cinema.  

Here are some poems written by children from year 5, Mandeville Primary School and year 6, Camp Nursery and Primary School.  

What happened to me?
I was lost and forgotten.
People think I have no bottom
My walls are distinguished My wallpaper is gone
But I’m living on
I was the best but I had a rest
Now I have nothing but nests  



In the Odeon
There’s an enormous podium
Everything inside is tumbling T
he outside is crumbling
I used to be popular
I need a new formula
I had a big stage
Now I’m full of rage
I have a big sign
Now there’s no need to whine
I am the Odyssey  




My popcorn was sweet
but now I am a bitter treat  



I was shut down in 1995 and HOW DARE THEY SHUT ME DOWN?
I was lonely
Like a homeless man  



I used to be called the Picture Palace, Alpha and the Odeon
I was glittery and shiny
Loads of people used to sit in my soft chairs
But in 1995, no one came
I started to crumble
I am peeling
I am rotten and damp
I am lost and not found  



My name is Odyssey
My lights sparkle in the dark
My popcorn is sweet and salty
I am the best cinema  

My seats are comfortable
My walls are beautiful
My floor is clean
I am the best cinema  



I am the picture palace. I show great films, I’m famous
Suddenly, doors stop shutting and opening
They no longer walk on my red carpet
The lights are dim and they’re not shining on me
I’m just a dusty old cinema with no more sound effects
Just me, alone  



I am the Odeon, all covered in weeds and buried.
I am lost and forgotten
Now, I’m dead in my bed, but I used to be awesome
Now I am just an image in their heads
There’s nothing left of me, just a building on London Road  



I’m old and have no friends
Rusty seats lost in history
Inside of me looks like a bomb has hit me
I wish I could regenerate
I’m crumbling like popcorn getting stepped on  



Old and forgotten I may be
Suffered through a terrible tragedy
But even I have a dream
That will soon be a fabulous reality
Re-named the Odyssey I will be
I will have queues longer than ever before
Walls shinier than ever
Enjoy my movies in 3D  



I am old and forgotten
It is dark, inside me, but my heart is still there lost
Plaster is falling on the muddy carpet
I remember the days people loved me
Now no one cares…
My destiny is to be like I was, beautiful and pretty and loved once more  



I was the heart of St Albans, look at me now
Nobody looks any more
I was glorious
I’m unloved but land can change
Will I be loved again?
Will I have people lining up to see the latest films?  



My old days…
I am lonely
Like I do not exist
My plaster is crumbling
My chairs are dusty
There are no longer queues outside my doors
Nobody loves me anymore
But there is always the future….  


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