Love Story: Romance at the Odeon

Love Story
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Before the social and sexual revolutions of the 1960s and 70s, the Odeon cinema was one of the few places in St Albans that young people could go to if they were looking for privacy and hoping for romance. Although the cinema staff kept a close eye on courting couples, and the usherettes were known for their strictness, plenty of love stories began in the dark and cosy back row of the Odeon.

So I phoned him up and said did he fancy going to the cinema:  “Would you like to go and see…” – it was Pink Floyd and it was the Wall.  And much to my delight he said yes. I remember enjoying it, although funnily enough, can’t remember very many details of it, but the Odeon will always have a fond place in my heart, because that’s where I had my first date with my future husband and here we are, eighteen years on, and we’re still very happily married.

Fiona Mackenzie

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  • I do remember such occasions – but I cannot remember their names !

    By Dave Irvine (20/01/2014)