St Albans

A new development

By Russel B

Where is this in St Albans?

Do you recognise where this is in St Albans? Some of the roads have a very distinctive shape. Perhaps you live there now – or maybe you moved into one of these houses when they were new. You might even heve been involved in designing or building them.

The photograph is part of the Aerofilms collection now held by English Heritage. Aerofilms, founded in 1919 by two World War I veterans, F.L. Wills and C. Grahame-White, took aerial photographs of towns and villages all over the British Isles.

The collection of photograph albums and negatives is now held by English Heritage, who are hoping to set up a project to catalogue these photographs in detail.

Your help is needed! If you recognise the roads and houses in this photograph, please leave a comment below.

This page was added on 29/09/2009.

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  • I have had another look at this and think the date maybe the early 1950s as Mandeville School is in the photo and that was built roundabout 1951/2.

    By Sandy Norman (16/04/2010)
  • I recognised this straightaway as it is where I live – Tavistock Avenue! I can name all the streets. My road was built in 1934 so the date is after that, maybe 1939?

    By Sandy Norman (31/03/2010)
  • This is the Cottomill/St Julians area. Vesta Avenue is at the bottom of the picture, Cottonmill Lane at the top, heading towards Sopwell. The St Albans – Watford railway line crosses through the middle.

    By Robert Bull (20/10/2009)