St Albans Rubber Company.

Hi, just found this page and decided to add a bit.
I started working for the St. Albans Rubber Company in 1977 and was asked to relocate to the North East in 1989, which I did. Stayed there through various changes of managements and owners until it went in to receivership in May 2007, when everyone received their redundancy.

I Stayed in the North East, having discovered what a great place it is to live! I still visit St.Albans regularly as I have close family and friends there.

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  • Hi, my grandad worked in the mail department in 1972. He was called Ismail Ali. Sadly, he died before I was born. A bit of a long-shot but I was wondering if anyone who worked there/has relatives that worked there around then who may remember my grandad? It would also be great if anyone has any pictures of the company or knows if there are any records about the company which still exist. Thank you

    By S Nes (02/04/2024)
  • My dad and alot of locals from the same community worked here. We lived in Dellfield, which was walking distance and my dad worked nights. I remember when my dad left work/made redundant he was gifted a green steel cupboard that he held very dear. Think my step mum still has it.

    By Roma Choudhury (28/06/2021)
  • I also remember St. Albans Rubber Company. I was working for T.A.Shore Company and we installed and commissioned the ingredients weighing system for the mixer. This eventually became wetsuit material. Aged about 19 this was my first site job in the mid 1980s. Hansons then pulled the plug on the site and the company relocated to the Durham Ever Ready Battery factory which had just outsourced all their manufacturing to the far east. So we had to install and commission the whole plant all again. Very pleasant memories of both sites though and all the staff. Peter Shore.

    By Peter Shore (29/09/2020)
  • My parents, Hilda Rowson and Frederick Adolph both worked here around 1916/17. It was where their courtship began and led to marriage in 1924. They had 3 children (including me). Frederick died in 1985 and Hilda in 1990.

    By Colin W. Adolph (07/10/2019)