Then and now

Changes in St Albans over the last 100 years

Andy Lawrence

Photos of St Albans taken 100 years ago and now

It’s surprising how little some parts of St Albans have changed over the last 100 years (apart from tar macadam).

Click on the thumbnails to view the gallery of photos.

Lots more old photographs of St Albans can be seen on my flicker stream at

I have also used some of these photographs together with some of my postcard collection and morphed them with present day photos. I joined them up and made a trilogy of short films called St Albans Past and Present. These can be found on YouTube via the links below:

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  • Hi, I wondered if you had any photos of St Albans in the 1960s? I am specifically looking for a photo of London Road to see where the DuPont paint shop was (apparently somewhere near the Peahen). Thank you very much.

    By Sarah (03/03/2021)
  • Hi Andy maybe just a misprint but the Tabernacle Church is on Victoria St….I attended there in the ’40’s

    By Derek Jones (17/05/2010)