War work at Ballito

Shells and stockings

By Amy Cooke, St Albans Museums

Hoisery staff at Ballito, St Albans, 1944.
St Albans Museums
Women working in the shell department at Ballito during the war
St Albans Museums

This photograph shows female staff of the Ballito factory on Hatfield Road, St Albans during the Second World War. The original caption reads: ‘Hoisery Staff – Women’. This photograph comes from ‘Ballito Into War’, a book of photographs produced by Ballito in 1944 to show “…how the makers of the famous Ballito stockings played their part towards final victory [in the Second World War]”. This book is in the collections of St Albans Museums. You can see more photographs from this book at the St Albans Museums Website

Ballito had been a hoisery factory before the war, making ladies stockings. During the war, like many factories it went over to making munitions as part of the war effort. Did someone from your family work at Ballito? Maybe you know someone in this photograph?

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  • Good gracious that’s my mum Queenie Gordon (nee Rodford) standing centre, picture 2. I believe her, her sisters Phylis & Kitty & brother Ernest worked at the Ballito before & after the war.

    By Geoff Gordon (28/05/2017)
  • My grandfather Bernard Gladwin lived on Woodstcock Road st St Albans and worked in the hosiery business all his life. He began framework knitting at 17 in Belper Derbyshire. Moved to J and R Morley of Nottingham in 1912. After WW1 in the army he had a a spell in London. From there in October 1929 to McDougalls (Glenmuir in 1929) From 1929-30 until his death in 1969 he worked at Ballito, it was his life and he really enjoyed it and all the people who worked there.
    I have a few items from Ballito that he kept and would be interested to hear from anyone who knew Bernard Gladwin.

    By Christine Asher (18/10/2016)
  • I worked at the Ballito from 1960 and danced most Saturday’s when the dance was on. I met and am still friends with Audrey Rough who now lives in Australia. I also played with, now Joan Johnson nee Allen, as a child.

    By Jacqueline Hayes nee Ranger. (07/10/2016)
  • Does anyone know of a connection between the Ballito factory and the town of Ballito in South Africa?

    By Frances (17/09/2016)
  • Perhaps Caroline could contact Courtaulds Brands the owners of the Ballito brand. They may like the letter for their archives.They are at:

    West Mill  Bridge Foot  Belper Derbyshire. DE56 1BH

    By Dr Bramwell G Rudd.


    By BRAMWELL RUDD (05/11/2014)
  • I have recently found a letter dated Feb, 1955 from Mr H.P.Elliott (Director and Company Secretary) of Ballito written to my father who witnessed a distressing car accident involving mr Elliott and his chauffeur where a young boy was killed….. It thanks my father for his witness statements and invites him to ask if my mother would like to accept some boxes of stockings as a thank you….if my father would write back detailing what size my mother might like!! It’s on headed paper and signed by the Director and makes interesting reading…wondering what I should do with it…??!!

    By Caroline Moore (17/04/2014)
  • my uncle Daniel Quinlan was employed at the mill prior to Joining the Army during the second world war, he was sadly killed in action in March 1945 and is buried in the Reichwald forest in Germany, Daniel was an irishman who married a local lady named Hannah and had previously served in the local home guard, i do not have any other information would appreciate any help.

    By Mike Quinlan (22/09/2013)
  • In reply to Adrian’s comments about his grandfather, I do remember Mr. French from when I worked in the offices at Ballito. Can’t quite remember which department he was the head of, but the company secretary was a Mr. Elliott. I seem to recall that he may have been known as Harry French.

    By Joan Johnson (nee Allen) (19/06/2012)
  • My Grandfather, Henry S. F. French worked at Ballito, I belive he was either Chief Accountant or Company Secretary. He lived on Elm Drive with his wife and their daughter (my mother) He retired and moved in Bournemouth in the early 1960’s. Does anyone recall him?

    By Adrian Smith (27/04/2012)
  • My grandmother modelled for Ballito during the 30s and I’d love to know if there’s any way I can find copies of the posters; they were apparently displayed on the underground. I’d be very grateful for any help you can offer!

    By Eira Morgan-Jones (16/01/2011)
  • During the 1960s three members of my family worked at Ballito. My brother worked in ‘the boards’ where the stockings and tights were shaped. My mother worked part-time in the warehouse packing the products into cellophane bags (all workers who handled the stockings and tights used to have regular free manicures). I joined Ballito in 1963 as a shorthand typist and stayed until 1966. On Saturday evenings the large canteen was used as a dance hall where the mods and rockers would congregate to dance to live music I enjoyed working there and made some good friends.

    By Joan Johnson (23/03/2010)

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