Pankhurst Crescent church

I was christened in Sept 1960 in the church at bottom of Pankhurst Crescent, while St Hughes was being built . This church is now garages and Dad used to own the first one in. We still live in Pankhurst, 56 years to date. Just wondered if anyone has any Photos of the church or any other information on it.

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  • To Mike French, were you the boy I was christened with on 3rd September 1961. What a coincidence if it was you.

    By Wendy Leach (25/08/2017)
  • I was christened in the Pankhurst Crescent church in September 1961. There is a picture of it on the St Hugh and St John website

    By Wendy Leach (16/08/2017)
  • I was also christened in the pankhurst cresent Church in 1961. I lived in Austin Paths. I remember it as a converted garage at the time. I do not think I have any pictures but Ill look. We used to go to the saturday kid film show in the scout hut at the top of Pankhurst cresent all the time. I was also a cub scout there eventually. Look forward to hearing from you.

    By Mike French (03/01/2017)