The old Co-op, Ware

Beautiful tiles and stained glass

S Williams

The Co-op from Bridgefoot, c1959

I remember going shopping there with my mum in late 1970s, just a few years before Tesco moved into town.  It was a huge shop which sold just about everything.  The Co-op closed around 1987 and the building was used as a carpet shop.  The lower building to the right had lovely old tiles on the floor and beautiful stained glass above the doors and was sadly demolished only recently.

Luckily, the main building has been restored and a brand new building to the right has emulated its design.

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  • my father delivered bread on a door-to-door round that covered Hertford (all the new estates), Essendon, etc working from the Co-op yard. My Saturday job was helping him – up at 5.00 and finishing in time to watch Ware play at the old football ground. Johnk

    By John Keefe (01/02/2021)
  • I had a Saturday job as a15year old and I worked with a magnificent lady called Cecilia in the shoe department, it was a wonderful shop to work in full of nooks and crannies

    By Janet (10/08/2020)