Ware in 1949

An aerial view

By Daphne Knott

Ware in 1949

Do you recognise Ware from this aerial photograph?

The photograph is part of the Aerofilms collection now held by English Heritage. Aerofilms, founded in 1919 by two World War I veterans, F.L. Wills and C. Grahame-White, took aerial photographs of towns and villages all over the British Isles.

The collection of photograph albums and negatives is now held by English Heritage, who are hoping to set up a project to catalogue these photographs in detail.

Your help is needed! If you recognise the landmarks in this photograph, please leave a comment below.

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  • The photograph is taken looking north. In the top right hand corner is Fanham Common Estate, where construction work is obviously still in progress as evidenced by the open space between two of the groups of houses.

    By Robert Candlish (13/05/2010)
  • In the foreground is Glickston’s woodyard. Lower down is Hertford Road, the new river and the railway. To the right of the woodyard is the Victorian maltings which burned down in the 1980’s. Next to that is where Broadmeads is now and next to that now is the site of the Sacred Heart Catholic School. The River Lea is above the woodyard. The church in the centre with a spire is Christchurch and the road runni9ng next to it is New Road. The church with a tower is St Mary’s.

    By Brian Smith (23/09/2009)