An Ancient Tooth ?

Hopefully it is

By Terry Askew

The 'Watton Tooth'
Terry Askew

A number of years ago, in the garden of my home in Watton at Stone I picked up a stangely shaped¬†‘stone’ which so resembled a fossilised tooth¬†that I kept it.

Despite the leg-pulling and derision of my friends it has lain in our display cabinet, for no particular reason. However, last year my Wife and I visited the USA which took in the renowned Painted Desert, where there was a geological museum.

Amongst the many exhibits was…….EUREKA…….a number of identical examples of my tooth. As a precaution I took a number of photos of the exhibits to check when I got home, and perusing them now prompts me to put my find on record.

When I published a similar article about an amateur fossil hunter in the village, and his finds, an eminent gentleman very kindly replied to the article with some helpful and interesting comment. Hopefully, he may chance upon this article also.

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