Notes for Assistance of Persons affected by War Damage

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Notes for the Assistance of Persons

affected by War Damage.


1. Damage to Dwelling Houses.

If your house has been damaged but is still safe for you to remain in it, the Council will undertake immediate “first aid” repairs, sufficient to keep out wind and rain temporarily, if the owner of the house is unable or unwilling to undertake such  repairs himself. No immediate charge will be made for this work, but the cost of it will remain a charge against the property to be settled at the end of the War, without payment of interest in the meantime.

Later, the house will be inspected carefully to ascertain the extent of the damage and the cost of necessary repairs and, in suitable cases, the Council will arrange for more permanent repairs to be carried out.

If the house in which you live is damaged, however slightly, be careful to ensure that the Council’s Surveyor is informed at once.

2. Alternative Accommodation.

If enemy action has destroyed your home or affected it so that you cannot live in it for the time being and if you cannot go at once to stay with friends or neighbours, you should, when directed by the Police or a Warden, go to the

prepared Rest Centre at The Church of England Senior School, Welwyn, Telephone: Welwyn 95, where temporary shelter and, if necessary, meals will be provided for you. .

Later, if you are still unable to find accommodation for yourself with friends, a temporary billet will be found for you.

3. Fares to Relatives.

If you have relatives or friends who will put you up and you cannot get to them without help, you should apply to The Public Assistance Officer, 3, Wellfield Road, Hatfield, Telephone: Hatfield 2239, for a travel voucher.

4. Furniture, Clothing, etc.

The primary responsibility for recovering and protecting furniture and other removable goods from damaged buildings rests with the owner but the Council will help to protect furniture and property left in your house and, if

necessary, will remove and store it for you, and will later have it transported to your new house or back to your old one when you are able to re-occupy it. Furniture, etc., will not be transported to temporary billets.

If you suffer immediate distress, from lack of furniture or clothing, application for assistance can be made to The Area Officer, Assistance Board, 3/7, Dunstable Road, Luton. Telephone: Luton 2021. Form of application may be obtained at the Council Offices (Surveyor’s Dept.), Welwyn.

5. Temporary Destitution.

If you are in need, as a result of a raid, you should explain your circumstances

to The Area Officer, Assistance Board (address given in paragraph 4

above), who may be able to help vou,

If you have already been billeted by the Council, you should go to the Employment Exchange, 11, Ravensfield Road, Welwyn Garden City, and take ‘with you a Certificate [A.G.D.(Bi)3] to be obtained from The Evacuation Officer, Council Offices, Welwyn.


6. Claims for Compensation.

(i) Claims for compensation in respect of damage to property or goods should be made within 30 days upon a form which can be obtained at the Council Offices (Surveyor’s Dept.), Welwyn. This form, when duly completed, should

be sent to The District Valuer, 15, Hatfield Road, St. Albans. (ii) If you are normally dependent upon your wages or earnings, and, as a result of being injured in an air raid are unable to work, you can, as soon as you have been incapacitated for seven days, get an injury allowance which will be continued for as long as you are incapacitated. If you are in urgent need before the lapse of seven days, you can apply at once. Application should be made to

The Area Officer, Assistance Board (address given in paragraph 4 overleaf). Injury allowances are payable as a matter of right and are not subject to any means test.

(iii) Pensions will be payable to persons normally dependent on their wages or earnings who are found to be suffering serious and prolonged disablement and to the widows, orphans, and in some cases, dependent parents of those killed as a result of enemy action. Applications should be made to Chief Regional Officer of Ministry of Pensions, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

7. Miscellaneous Enquiries.

If you are in doubt about anything, if you have lost touch with your family and do not know where to find them, or if you have lost any important article or document, apply for advice and information to The Officer in Charge at either

Women’s Voluntary Services Office, adjoining Co-Operative Stores, Mill Lane, Welwyn :


The Rest Centre, Church of England Senior School, Welwyn. Council Offices, Welwyn, Herts.

November, 1940.

1111!40 – J.H.L. &. Sons. 1000.

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