Ayot St Peter and the "Band of Brothers"

Spielberg film made in Ayot and Wheathampstead

By V Richards

These railway tracks are made out of wood!
Robert Barton
The tracks stop just around the corner
Robert Barton
Robert Barton
Robert Barton
Robert Barton
Robert Barton

In the year 2000 part of the TV mini-series “Band of Brothers” was filmed in the countryside between Ayot Saint Peter and Wheathampstead. The series was produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks (who had starred in the film “Saving Private Ryan” – this was supposed to be a sequel.)

The filming was based around the popular walking route known as “The Ayot Greenway” which follows the disused railway line from Ayot to Wheathampstead. The set designers made extremely realistic railway track from wood so that it looked as though the railway line had returned. Existing features such as Hunter’s Bridge were also used in the scenes, and for people who know the area these are recognisable in the film.

An enormous crew descended on the area, gaining access to the film sets via an entrance next to Sparrow Hall Cottages.

It seemed to the local residents as though much of the filming was done at night and for a few weeks it was like living in a war zone. Loud noises would wake people from their slumbers and huge explosions would light the night sky. An exciting time for us all!

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  • I think,where I can find field where there was a battle in Band of Brothers. Exactly on the google map, the best will be GPS which I can see in the pictures on this page.

    By Jiří Formánek (06/01/2019)
  • Hello , there are very nice photos , could you give some more information where is it exactly in a map . I can find it at all .
    (Ayot St Peter and Wheathampstead are located between Welwyn Garden City and Harpenden, Hertfordshire).

    By Jiří Formánek (04/01/2019)
  • I was there…….they also filmed harry potter here….ron weasleys back garden…..any photos would be nice to see

    By darren helman (12/11/2012)