WW1 The Folly Boys of Wheathampstead.

Off To War.

By John Halsey

CARTER in Uniform
Grand Daughter

This fascinating picture taken nearly 100 years ago in Wheathampstead shows a group of men from The Folly off to fight in the Great War. It is right at this time, with the anniversary approaching, to remember those who fought in World War 1.

The lad holding the horse is Ernest William CARTER aged 19. The second picture shows Ernest CARTER, in the centre, in uniform with two colleagues

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  • I know Grandad is on cart Frank Douglas Hawkins lived at 17 Folly Fields.
    Trying to get more information.

    By Patricia Hawkins (10/11/2023)
  • I think the chap stood next to him in front of the horse could be my grandfather, Ronald Lake. He was born at the Folly and fought in the Great War (gassed at the Somme but survived). He would of been about 20 at the time of the pic.

    By Rob Lake (01/12/2019)
  • The lad holding the horse and the whip, I am told by his grand daughter, is Ernest William CARTER who was 19 at this time.

    By John Halsey (01/04/2014)