The last bomb to land on British soil.

A Fieseler F1 103 or flying bomb, commonly known a ‘Doodlebug’ to the British, fell out of the sky and landed in a field close to a sewage farm at Woolmer Green at 9:00am on Thursday 29th March 1945. There were no casualties. Though nobody realised at the time, this would be the ignominious end of Hitler’s much vaunted weapon assault on Britain.

Looking this up on line brought back memories of this time, my brother Ray and myself (Geoff) were looking out of the window, was at 9 Bridge Terrace now 13 Bridge Road, waiting for mum to get home with some shopping when I heard the engine and saw the exhaust light of this V-1, they both went out and I dived under the table but Ray stayed at the window. There was a very large explosion and the windows shook, Ray did not move, mum was only on the other side of the road and ran in to find us both OK.

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  • To the original poster – could you be more precise about where this landed?

    After a bit of research I believe that this was actually the very last V1 to land AND explode on British soil. It was not the last to be launched at Britain, but in fact the third to last.

    The second-to-last was a V1 which was hit by AA gunners near Iwade in Kent at 9.59am on during 29 March 1945, and was the last to hit British soil, albeit in pieces!

    The very final V1 launched at Britain was destroyed by AA fire off Orford Ness (so never got to British soil) at 12.43hrs on the same day.

    I have always been fascinated about whether or not the Datchworth/Woolmer green V1 was or was not the last one, as there is so much myth and hearsay about it, but I am pretty sure the above is the definitive story!

    By Nick Collingridge (27/08/2020)
  • My Grandfather had his hand knocked off by the Zeppellin, when leaving ” The Hertford Club” then known as “The Conservative Club) The Zeppellin destroyed much of Bull Plain, and killed others, but he survived, and wore a hook to replace his dismembered hand.

    By Jane Gifkins (02/12/2019)