I would like to find out more about Wormley West End

Jim Bamber

I would like to find out more about Wormley
West End. I lived there from 1937 until 1947/8, when
the cottage was pulled down and our family was
rehoused at Hertford Heath. The cottage was known
as ‘ The Thatched Cottage, Broxbourne Woods,
Wormley, The cottage was about half a mile up the
fields above Wormley West End proper.

I do remember the Woodman pub and Carters Farm.

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  • Hi Jim
    Thanks for your post I’m also interested in finding out more about wormley west end I’ve recently moved to wormley west end .

    You say you lived in a cottage in wormley west end in the woods would this have been on the opposite side to the woodman pub (now the woodman and olive ) restaurant? Up a dirt track through fields ? Why I ask this is I have been trying to find out some information on an old cottage in wormley west end . I look forward to your reply

    By Adam (21/01/2018)