Ware Flour Mills

A sympathetic conversion to Granary Mansions

S Williams

Ware flour mills in 1967
Ware's Past in Pictures by D Perman
The mills from the air, 1977
Viaduct Road, 1970s
From Vivat Ware! pamphlet, Herts Archives
Demolition of the silo
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
Sale particulars from The Mercury, 1988
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
Ware Flower Mill early 1970s
Colin Donoghue

Ware Flour Mill was built by J.W French and Co in 1897.  It closed barely 100 years later in 1983.

The buildings were scheduled for demolition to make way for 100 homes but fortunately, one developer saw their potential.  McLean Homes (of North London) reaslised a sympathetic conversion could transform the disused mill in to a highly desirable place to live.

The grey “Frenlite” silo which was built in the 1960s was demolished and the cut to the Lea was filled in.  The main building was sandblasted to reveal the colours of the original brickwork and architects from Bishop’s Stortford completed the plans.  The unique apartments went on sale in 1988.

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  • I can remember playing inside this mill on a Sunday and jumping from sack to sack, no health and safety back then I was 5 years old and lived around the corner. I remember finding the silo quite scary though.

    By Kim Pittman (27/11/2021)
  • I used to carry out hygiene inspections of the flour mill when it was part of the J.Lyons group in the mid sixties.Your picture evokes pleasant memories for me and I can still almost taste that floury air and see the occasional dead bird and rat droppings in and around the Silo buildings. I’m glad that unlike many developments of the eighties era some of Britain’s architectural has not been totally swept away.

    By Brian Bell (05/04/2019)
  • Many thanks for the last comment by S Williams as I was trying to remember what the local paper was.

    By Alan C Theobald (11/10/2012)
  • The archives in Hertford have old copies of The Mercury which may help

    By S Williams (09/10/2012)
  • Wow I have been looking for this for a long time.My Grandfather lived in Ware and worked at this mill. I am looking for more info about it as he was also part of the sports and social club for the company. His name was Cecil George Mumford but all who worked with him new him as George.

    By Alan C Theobald (06/09/2012)
  • This is amazing – we have lived in Millacres since 1998 and never knew this is what it used to look like! Thanks for fascinating page.

    By David Laws (02/08/2011)