Phase 1 - Story Exploration

Kerry Lanigan writes...

My Story sessions have provided time to explore My Story submissions and identify cross-cutting themes of transition, adolescence and humanity. Some threads run across stories becoming visible as we highlight and annotate points of interest for further discussion. 

Dreams, love, risk, reality, abstraction, war, imagination, distortion and truth. Plenty of material to be working with and project outputs are already begining to appear.

As we analyse insightful diary entries and our pack of submitted stories, it is becoming clear that storytelling is a valuable tool for humanity, a constructed narrative makes sense of the world around us.

Collages created by cutting out words and images that draw our attention when flicking through old newspapers and magazines. Deconstructing articles and creating something new.  Stripping out standalone words, images and textures to form a new piece, a new message, something old to something new, a reflection of the project itself.

 And so onto storytelling session next week….

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