Abel Smith School, Hertford c1956

By Serena Williams

Class at Abel Smith, c1956
John Game

Are you in this picture or do you recognise anyone we can’t identify?  If you went to Abel Smith school, share your memories here!

Back row, left to right: Freddie Barbrook, Peter Gilbert, Ann Ditton, Malcolm Oakman, Richard Brown 

Next row, left to right: Roger Edwards, Peter? ????, Vivien Chappel, Jaqueline Bentley, Philip Wyman, John Game

Next row, left to right: Ann Moore, Eileen West, Mrs Mortlock, Kathleen Fenton, Iris Webb

Front row, left to right: ????? Barbrook, Robert Johnson, Bill Elsenham, Neville Best

Eileen West remembers that the headteacher was Mr Reid and her form teacher was Mr Proctor, who was nicknamed “Polly”.  The toilets were outside in great big brick buildings.  The playground was big and there was a field at the bottom; further along was the cattle market.


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  • This is a bit before me im afraid but Mrs mortlock was a life long teacher at the school and worked there until she retired in the seventies I can still remember the outside toilets in the 60,s my dad used to have to clean them he was the caretaker. Mr Richardson was the headmaster then who was sadly killed with his son in a freak car accident on the A40 very sad,his daughter was also in the car and suffered a serious head injury.All this after surviving the war as a prisoner of the Japanese on the Burmese railway.Mr perrett then followed in the late 60,s. Teachers I remember Mrs langley,Mr chalmers, Mrs peach,Mrs denny, Mrs northrop,Mrs proctor, Mrs brown, Mrs badcock some of these were infant school teachers but I remember them fondly with the exception of Mr charmers who I remember for his frequent and overuse of a stick.

    By Jeffrey micheal (26/09/2021)