Friends and Family

Kathy Dunnett

Sitting here, working from home, looking out of a closed window,

Seeing gardens, rooftops, trees, my thoughts turn to my family.

Smile on my face, flickering images flashing through my mind.

Grandchildren first, children – grown up; siblings, pets, people passed on – a tear.

Warm and fuzzy feelings, comforting me, safe from Covid and all of its fearfulness.

Thoughts and memories keeping me safe from the possibilities, blocking the nightmares.

So many memories, so many laughs and lovings, sadness and regrets.

Wanting to turn back the clock and do it better, next time round.

But also, laughing, laughing until the tears run down my face and I cannot speak for joy.

The birth of a child, the birth of a grandchild.

Cats on facebook. Soppy dogs. Horses galloping.

Friends – at home – at work – banter, sadness – difficult now, but hopefully will return.

Looking in the mirror, the years have gone by. My mother looks back at me – ‘you are the mother and the grandmother now’.

Yes, and I love them all

This page was added on 03/12/2020.

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