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  • Picture of a derelict Harpenden East station taken in 1966 by Robert Wade is correct, The only problem is, this is a negative, or the picture is the wrong way round. When looked correctly, it is a great picture of the removed track, now long gone.

    By Andy Ward (10/04/2022)
  • Old Luton Hoo signalbox photo by Jack Waldock Hertford

    By g woodward (17/01/2018)
  • As a 10 year old boy living in Crabtree lane I use to visit the signal box, Mr munt was one of the signal men at the time,he would always let us pull the levers, how things we’re different in those days.

    By David Lewis (17/01/2018)
  • Hi. Is this image incorrectly posted? If so, I could try to fix it, if you let me know what’s wrong with it.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (07/12/2017)
  • To reply to Mr Taylor, if you flip the image horizontally, all will become clear.

    By Richard Armstrong (06/12/2017)
  • Hello

    Re photo of: Derelict line at Harpenden East , early 1966.

    I think this photo is an error and doesn’t show Harpenden East., though the station building is very similar. The signal box (I think it is) in the background was in fact at the other end of the station building. The levels are also wrong. Harpenden East was situated in a cutting. The single storey building in the foreground was partially hidden by foliage in 1966 (see next photo), there is a total absence in this picture etc etc

    So where is it?

    By Simon Taylor (24/07/2017)
  • as a Harpenden boy I found the pictures of Harpenden east railway station and the railway track in the 1950s bring back so many memories as a boy living next to the station at that time. alas now it all gone for ever only in pictures to look at. thank goodness some one took the pictures for Harpenden’s history.

    By patrick boyle (04/10/2014)
  • These photos and the interviews with those who remember the line are fascinating. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

    By Richard Armstrong (10/02/2012)
  • This photograph appears to be reversed!

    By David Reynolds (13/12/2011)