Pow camp Breachwood Green

I’m looking for any information about the WW2 POW/internment camp that used to be located adjacent to Baileys Farm Breachwood Green.
In the late 1950’s as a four year I lived in this camp for about eighteen months along with my mum and dad, my sister was born in the camp. We lived there with about twenty other families, a family in each end of a nissan hut. The reason we all ended up in an ex pow camp was to qualify for a council house, you had to be literally homeless. We had to live in the camp until our council houses in Offley were finished, when finished the entire camp was moved to the new council estate in Offley. As you could imagine a brand new council house was like a palace compared to the nissan huts in the camp.
Any information on the Breachwood Green pow camp would be much appreciated.


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  • I was brought up in the village, and as kids it was always referred to as the camp.
    My Dad mentioned it a few times, recall him saying that the prisoners used to play football in the field opposite.
    My Auntie used to live in one of the huts as did my mates family.
    Can’t be 100% sure but I knew of 2 Germans that lived local, one was called Franz and lived for many years just outside Whitwell, and another called Henry Jansen lived near us in BWG, and were lifelong friends of my Mum and Dad , he passed away many years ago, I always assumed they were inmates of this camp, and married local girls.

    By Kevan Peters (07/12/2023)