Aston Fun Day

Dance troops, dogs and scarecrows

By Ashleigh Canfield

Every year on the first Sunday in July Aston holds it’s annual fun day. The fun day used to be a large affair with a full fair ground running in the back stalls round the large playing field with many different games and crafts on sale.

Childhood Memories

I remember walking round the field as a child trying to imagine the field as it had looked the day before. The main events of the day where in the main circle, like any other village fete. The main circle was surrounded by hay bails where people would sit and watch the events taking place. The local dance troops would perform in the centre and other events I remember once there was even a dog training group that performed. It would take us hours to walk round the whole field and buying many things along the way.

An event for the whole village

It was an event for the whole village and a time which meant everyone was able to come together and see each other. We couldn’t seem to get round the field without losing my dad or nanny to some conversation for a while. The main even to us as children was always the scarecrow competition and we loved coming up with different idea, our only winning entry being a scarecrow showing Gulliver’s travels using play Mobil men to tie him down. Eventually the fun day was scaled down due to running costs it still keeps going in the school but it’s not such a local event anymore seeing people from Stevenage travelling into the village and just seeing the villagers themselves taking hold of the day and ultimately being the ones who enjoy it.

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