(Bluebell woods)

By Lucie R

Hitchwood ( Bluebell woods)

My favourite place in Hertfordshire is Hitchwood.It is otherwise known as Bluebell woods. It is nick named this because bluebells the type of flowers grow there. There are lots of trees in this wood and some have fallen down which have created places to climb on and have fun!

Hitchwood is a great place to go out on a family walk where you can enjoy a countryside trip. You can walk a dog there which is also a very good idea and you can take any path that you want to explore your way round!

The reason that I chose Hitchwood as my favourite place in Hertfordshire was because it is such a nice place to be in!

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  • Its sounds great! Perhaps my family should go on a walk sometime around these woods!

    By Hannah (11/11/2010)

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