1906 - 1966 List of May Queens

Norton Road School May Queens from a list produced by First Garden City Heritage Museum, from plaques which they have in their collections.

1906    Lucy Jones

1907    Polly Stark (later Mrs Clarke)

1908    Dorothy Banning

1909    Dorothy Oxley (later Mrs Brooker)

1910    Beatrice Picton (later Mrs Baylis)

1911    Eveline Fox (later Mrs Fletcher)

1912    Ann Herrington

1913    Doris Barsby (later Mrs Morris)

1914    Mildred Tracey

1915    Cynthia Taylor (later Mrs King)

1916    Beryl Bond (later Mrs Gleave)

1917    –

1918    –

1919    Muriel Wheeler (later Mrs Robson)

1920    Edith Fox (later Mrs Stark)

1921    Mary Cook (later Mrs Pound)

1922    Lily Wheeler

1923    Mary Craw (later Mrs Fulton)

1924    Honor Gibbs (later Mrs H. M. Walls)

1925    Winifred Lee (later Mrs Midgeley)

1926    Mary Hogg (later Mrs Stretch)

1927    Joyce Buttrey (later Mrs Morgan)

1928    Madeline Wheeler (later Mrs Cave)

1929    Connie Barnes (later Mrs Pearmain)

1930    Joyce Pitkin (later Mrs Gullick)

1931    Winnie Barnes (later Mrs Pettengell)

1932    Mabel Taylor (later Mrs Haddock)

1933    Barbara Harvey-Smith (later Mrs W. Farrier)

1934    Ella Edwards

1935    Marjorie Taylor (later Mrs Castle)

1936    Marie Leete

1937    Joan Elcome (later Mrs Gillian)

1938    Betty Palmer (later Mrs K Nott)

1939    Nettie Morrison (later Mrs J Harland)

1940    June Higgs (later Mrs Prescott)

1941    Pauline Myers (Evacuee)

1942    Jean Culley (later Mrs Beveridge)

1943    Muriel Bradley (Evacuee)

1944    Pamela Iley

1945    Freda Bates (later Mrs Holderness)

1946    Margaret Day (later Mrs Elderidge)

1947    Valerie Sanders (Later Mrs Burdett)

1948    Betty Barnes (later Mrs Webb)

1949    Christine Duncombe (later Mrs Abbiss)

1950    Betty Whitfield (later Mrs Davis)

1951    Pamela Pressman

1952    Pamela Willies (later Mrs Copeland)

1953    Patricia Taylor

1954    Susan Cave

1955    Wendy Pennell

1956    Wendy Wogan

1957    Victoria Bygrave

1958    Janet Hales

1959    Pauline Roach

1960    Rosemary Sumsion (later Mrs Livings)

1961    Virginia Marlow

1962    Jill Herring

1963    Susan South

1964    Susan D Wright

1965    Janet Thorpe

1966    Pamela Baines

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  • My mother was May queen at Norton school in 1958 , Janet Hale not Hales.

    By Sue Kaye (12/03/2018)