Welwyn Village

By Hannah P

Welwyn Villahe high street
By Hannah
Ivy Cottage plaque
By Hannah
Ivy Cottage, Welwyn
By Hannah
Another picture of Welwyn High Street
By Hannah

Welwyn Village

My favourite place in Hertfordshire is Welwyn village centre  because it is where I live and where my friends are. 

More reasons why I like Welwyn village:

  • A very friendly place to be
  • Everyone helps you out with directions or anything else you might need help with
  • Its not crowded with millions of people and has hardly any cars to polute the village and cause traffic jams.
  • There is hardly any modern shops or buildings and so welwyn keeps a majority of its old historic buildings. 

Here are some pictures I took of Welwyn village:

Pictures 2&3:Ivy Cottage is a historic place where Anne Van gogh lived. Her father for a short period of time lived not far from her.

Pictures 1&4: These two pictures are of Welwyn High street.



Thank You for reading. I hope you will visit more of my pages in the future. Hannah 😀

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  • Delighted to see the photos and comments about my Grandfather’s family home Ivy Cottage on your site. I live in Western Australia and am searching for little clues about my grandparents lives. Thank you for choosing Welwyn Village as your favourite place…..it’s very special to me too…even tho I live far away in Australia. JUdi

    By Judi Fletcher (15/01/2013)