A Bricket Wood childhood

Memories of Garston School

By Ruth Welyczko

The Kard, Oakwood Road
Ruth Welyczo
The Shack, The Costers
Ruth Welyczo

My father Henry Rixon, and mother Harriet Rixon moved to Bricket Wood on the 17th March 1933. Bringing with them my brother Kenneth, William, Henry aged 9 years, brother Arthur, Harry, 7 years, me, Ruth, Emily, Rosa, 5 years and brother Donald, Edward, 4 years, to live at the Kard, Oakwood Road, Bricket Wood, the name of our bungalow being the initials of us four children.  

Wooden bungalows

My father and my uncle, Walter Sutton and his wife Alice, went to Eltham in London to buy two 1st World War bungalows, wooden, to rebuild and modify into homes for each of then. My fathers, our family’s home still stands to this day, June 2010.  

Garston School

We three children started school at Garston School, headmaster, Mr. Judd, who called us “The kids from the back woods,” which meant we didn’t get the cane if we were late for school, as we had to go on the bus for which we were issued with 1d (one penny) tickets for the journey. Despite this, when I was late, Miss. Bowlyn, would make me stand pacing in the corner of the class for, what seemed to me, a long time. My brother Arthur would look after me on these journeys.  

A 3 mile walk 

In the summer if the weather was good he would make me walk the 3 miles home with him so that he could save the tickets to be able to go to Watford at the weekends with his friend Cecil Cox.  

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  • My mother went to this school between 1940 an 44.
    I would like to find information on a teacher Mrs Sawyer and also pictures

    By Nina Persson (23/05/2023)
  • My fathers parents moved to 15 North Riding in 1930, He went to Old Bricket school I was born in 1947 and went to Mount Pleasant Lane school. I have posted some things about Bricket before perhaps the ratepayers site run by a lady from Bucknalls Drive but at least 10 years ago. My dad Henry Babb died in 2013 and I am still sorting through the family stuff. I came across this photo of me and a girl at a tea party. It might have been the Coronation party at Mount Pleasant but the chairs don’t look like school chairs, I wonder if it could be the social Club in Oak Avenue? We knew the Rixon brothers but they were 20 years older than me.

    By John babb. (05/07/2020)
  • hello i am trying to find an old school photo of my late father Edward (Eddie) Shepherd. He was a young gypsy boy who lived at Belvedere marshes. He went to the the primary school at some time between 1931 and 1935. Any information or pictures you may be able to provide would be much appreciated.

    By Veronica (10/05/2012)