Clutterbucks Photographers

Geoff Harris

When at school the annual photographs were always taken by Clutterbucks (what a fantastic name) does anyone remember them? I think they lived on the corner of Cross Street and Icknield Way, looking towards Letchworth Common. The surname was so unusual, one I have never come across again in all my 75 years. In The Arcade the Citizen Office displayed a window of local photographs, the name Clutterbucks would often feature.

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  • I remember Clutterbucks and had many family photos taken there. I was born in 1945 and lived on Icknield way until 1953. The house is still there 191 Icknield way. I think they converted it to apartments some time ago. Many great memories of Letchworth. I live in the States now, North Carolina, a little town called Weaverville up in the mountains.

    By Gary Mazzei (29/07/2022)
  • I have just uploaded a postcard (photo) by A. Clutterbuck to the Mystery Photos section. The address is given as 221Icknield Way. The photo appears to be of children taking part in a historical pageant, probably in the 1920s. I would be interested to know more about it: my grandparents moved to Letchworth from Potton after the First World War.

    The name “Clutterbuck” is not uncommon in Warwickshire, where I live. I know of two families with this name.

    By Paul Boness (12/09/2020)