New Villas postcard view

New Villas, Garden City

I came across this postcard in a sale and presume the subject is either at Letchworth Garden City or Welwyn Garden City. Hertfordshire Genealogy identifies the location as Letchworth in 1907. The title is “New Villas, Garden City”. The reverse gives no further details, nor does it identify the publisher. Can anyone confirm, and perhaps identify the specific location from the details shown?

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  • We are the current owners of Netherton formally Briarside Cottage and have lived here since 1986. The house although extended over the years is still very recognisable as the house in the postcard.

    By Angela Silver (30/06/2020)
  • The exact same b/w photograph can be found on page 44 of Mervyn Miller’s book ‘Letchworth Garden City – The Archive Photographs Series’ published by Chalford, 1995. The caption reads ‘Most houses along the Hitchin Road between Spring Road and Broadway were built before the 1st World War. One of the earliest was Briarside Cottage ( now Netherton) a fine Parker and Unwin house of 1906, built of [sic] a cost of just over £500. The tall elms in the foreground, and middle distance, were characteristic of the estate, and remained until the 1970s.

    By Sue Howard (28/04/2020)