Just being built and the coronation

1951 and 1953

By Cynthia Lumsden

Houses were only just being built when I moved to South Oxhey in 1951. There were no proper roads. A greengrocer used to come round with supplies as there were no shops and the Express Dairies used to come round the estate twice a week with your groceries.

My children had to go into Watford to go to school as there were no schools then. The buses used to come half way up Prestwick Road and the station was just a wooden platform. You used to have to walk everywhere. My youngest daughter was born in the house in Prestwick road where I lived. Houses were allocated by the size of your family .

I remember the Queen’s coronation in 1953 – there were street parties on Prestwick Road. Chairs, tables and decorations all outside. Everyone was very friendly and there was lots of children about.

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  • We moved in to Hoylake Gardens when I was a baby. I remember that we used to walk across the fields to the farm to buy milk as there were no shops yet.

    I also remember the coronation, we had a street party in our road with party hats and a fancy dress competition. There was a wooden stage made up on the grass area (now car parking). All the winners were given a sovereign coin. My brother won one, he was dressed as a beefeater. We’ve still got some photos somewhere.

    By Jenny Newman (04/08/2016)