Coronation celebrations

Were you here?

By Daphne Knott

What is going on in this photograph? The date is 6 June 1953, four days after Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in Westminster Abbey. It looks as though the residents of Borehamwood are having a sports day. Were you there?


The photograph is part of the Aerofilms collection now held by English Heritage. Aerofilms, founded in 1919 by two World War I veterans, F.L. Wills and C. Grahame-White, took aerial photographs of towns and villages all over the British Isles.

Your help is needed!

English Heritage are hoping to set up a project to catalogue these photographs in detail.Your help is needed! If you recognise the landmarks in this photograph, or if you or any of your relations attended this sports day, please leave a comment below.

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  • I lived at 23 Caishowe Road on this day. The street had a coronation party. I was 7 years old and can remember sitting at a table in the street having a picnic. Somebody came around in a vehicle and threw sweets to the children. Sugar was still hard to come by . We were so excited.

    By Jacqueline Murray Richardson (02/03/2018)