Borehamwood: A Fond Farewell.

A tribute to a film organisation.

By Alan French

Originally published in my blogspot for Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers website

Before time elapses further, I wish to express my sadness concerning the demise of our counterparts in Borehamwood

Elstree and Borehamwood for many years have been associated with the professional film and television industries. But I wonder how many people realised that there had also been an amateur film and video making club there too?

In my earlier days at Hemel Hempstead Cine Society, before we changed our name to Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers, I used to look forward to seeing other clubs’ films. The Borehamwood Cine Club was certainly one whose productions I enjoyed, including a western drama, and some entertaining model animation by a chap called Jock.

They were, like us, original members of HACCA, the Hertfordshire organisation that still presents an annual film competition. But it now appears, as far as Borehamwood is concerned, for no longer. Toward the end of 2012 the Borehamwood Movie Makers folded. It is always sad when this type of situation occurs.

I remember distinguished actress Helen Cherry was guest of honour at the HACCA 25th Anniversary competition. She was pleased for them when they won this event for the first time and they were also the hosts.

A few years ago, a combined production from Borehamwood and Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers was made on DVD titled “He’s Got His Own Reactor”. We also shared member Paul Welton who is still with us.

I hope that one day, perhaps, an amateur club again appears in the Elstree and Borehamwood area.

I wish all its former members good luck in whatever they do in the future.

Alan French 2013

Useless information: Further references to Borehamwood and HACCA also appear elsewhere in my blog. Please see HACCA WACCA on this same web page.

Copyright Alan French 2013

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