Mystery 'Oxhey in Flowers' Building

Martin Cooper

Mystery Single Storey ‘Oxhey in Flowers’ Building
This photo shows an building with ‘Oxhey’ in flowers on display. Where is or was this building. I’m thinking very Municipal, only it’s not the park-keeper’s house in Oxhey Park, could it be Upper/Lower Paddock Rd somewhere, or Watford Heath?

This page was added on 07/04/2023.

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  • There’s no surrounding buildings? It’s late Victorian/ Edwardian built; can’t see it being anywhere in South Oxhey, then again could be wrong. Oxhey was known as New Bushey in the 1890s. I’m thinking park-keeper or allotment warden/ water-board accommodation. Only where?

    This building is somehow familiar. It’s bugging me.

    By Martin (24/04/2023)