Baptist Chapel Outing

from Redbourn

By Geoff Webb

Geoff Webb

Baptist Chapel Outing from Redbourn to Southend, c.1956

Children in front left to right: Sheila Hedges, Lesley Hedges, Yvonne Burnett, Hazel Field,  –  , Sheena O’Dell, Vivienne Picton (front), Stuart Burnett, Melvin Picton, Stephen Berryman, Keith Brandon, Peter Fox, Frank Lee, David Fox (rear), Clifford Stone.

2nd row left to right: Lily Hedges, Emma Hedges, June Ayres, James Millers, Michael Field.

3rd and 4th rows left to right Bill Hedges, Beatrice Rolt (rear), Mary Hobbs, Freda Hale, Mabel Field, Doll Ayres, Daphne Palmer (rear), Harold O’Dell, Gillian Palmer (rear), Kath O’Dell, Cynthia Picton (rear), Gerald & Grace Picton, Percy Hedges, Doris & Bill Fox (rear), Lil Hedges.

5th row left to right Peter Flitton, Richard Hale, Elsie & Fred Stone, Eva Millers, Violet & Frank Hopcroft (rear).

6th row left to right Albert Field, George & Peg Burnett, Ernie Ayres, Len Millers, Nell Palmer.

Back row left to right Freda & Derek Toya, Les Berryman holding Leslie Jnr., Carol Berryman.

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    By Andrea Upton (30/09/2020)