Arriving in Madagascar

Day 1

By Beverley Small

The Mort Drive
by Tracy Fitzgibbons

The Brownies were very excited to be spending their pack holiday in Madagascar.  After arriving the first jobs were bed making, unpacking and exploring.

The Frieze

We decided to have a Madagascar frieze which the Brownies started making. It is in four parts, the city, the boat, travelling round the world and the jungle.  We will add pictures to it during the holiday.

What did we do?

The activities this afternoon were:

  • “Getting to know you” quiz
  • Starting our paper mache penguins
  • Starting our diaries for our Pack Holiday Badge

For tea we had jacket potatoes with various filling followed by fresh fruit salad.  We all helped with the washing and drying up.

In the evening we had a Mort Drive (similar to a beetle drive) and the bedtime story was “Murilla Gorilla”.

A lovely start to the holiday

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  • Madagascar looks amazing …..enjoy day 2! 

    By A T M G (25/05/2014)

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