Victor Mature's curls

What a surprise!

Ruby Burke

I was asked to go to Victor Mature‘s cabin with a tea tray. I asked if he would like me to pour some tea for him, but before I could I was really stunned when I saw that lovely man with  a head full of pipe cleaners. I could not believe what I was seeing – I was shocked because  was used to seeing him in films with a beautiful head of tight curls. But it didn’t put me off him – I still thought he was lovely!

Another time I went on the set with the trolley when they were making Beau Brummel with Peter Ustinov. Suddenly, the real bear was next to me - I thought he wanted me for his dinner, but he only wanted a drink from the water kettle. 

I was there when they made all the famous films and saw lots of the stars. I saw Anna Neagle dancing among the flowers in Spring in Hyde Park with Michael Wilding. I also saw Elizabeth Taylor when they were making The VIP. I also saw them making 633 Squadron with lots of different stars.

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