My Childhood in Boxmoor

Living in Beechfield Road

By Glenys Mckinley

We moved to Beechfield Road in November 1948 just before my 4th birthday . We were one of the first families to move in and it was freezing !! My maiden name was Cheevers . I have two brothers, Robin and Sean, so if anybody remembers us get in contact.

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  • I moved into Castle Mead as a new born in December 1948.

    By Redgrave margaret née Green (17/06/2023)
  • Hi to Glennis Cheevers. I do not know if you remember my family the Montiers. We lived on Beechfield Road on the opposite side of the road on the corner. We moved in around 1951 and we moved to Australia 1956. I remember, we stayed at your house the night we left. I also remember you coming over and playing hide and seek with us. There were 3 of us girls and a boy that was born 1953. We lived in Australia for sometime, before moving to Nz. I came upon this web site by chance and thought I would give it a go and see if you remembered us,hoping you would. Long time ago, but only feels like yesterday. Cheers from New Zealand.

    By Ann Montier (18/10/2018)
  • Glenys Cheevers. I believe we attended the St. Mary’s Convent in the early to middle fifties. I started at the convent in Set. 1953 and left at Christmas 1956, when our family emigrated to Trinidad & Tobaga. Am still here after 60+ years.

    By Patricia Ann Green (16/03/2018)
  • Hello Delia,
    Of course I remember you. I advertise a holiday cottage on ‘Owners Direct’ cottage ref: E14448,
    best to contact me there. Love to hear your news.
    Peter Ramsey

    By Peter Ramsey (13/08/2016)
  • Hello John Newberry, love to be in touch, I have a holiday cottage on ‘Owners Direct’ site Cottage ref:. E14448, contact me there Pete Ramsey.

    By Peter Ramsey (13/08/2016)
  • to Peter Ramsey – hope you remember me. I am in SW France and would love to hear news of your life since we parted in Belswains Lane 1957.

    Where are you now?

    By delia (09/07/2016)
  • Peter Ramsey. Would love to see the photograph and reminisce about those times and hear what happened to you after your time at sea!

    By John Newberry (07/06/2016)
  • I remember you all well.  My mother was great friends with your parents when you lived in St. Paul’s Road before you moved to Boxmoor and we often stopped for tea on our way to or from church just up the road from you.  Eric, David and Dorothy are no longer with us but Margaret still lives in Bennetts End;  while John and I live in Calgary, AB:  Perhaps he has already been in touch as he sent me the address.

    By Marie Conroy nee Newton (04/03/2016)
  • I have a picture of John Newberry sitting at a keyboard of a Monotype keyboard I wonder if it is you John. I also remember the name Robin Cheevers at bury Road School, HH

    By peter ramsey (07/10/2015)
  • My sister is correct, it was in Nov 1948 when we moved to no. 11 and Kevin is also right when he states that I am older than him. John also managed to enter this world after me by about a  fortnight! I used to walk/run to school with John and play cricket on the moor for hours at a time; what great times.


    By robincheevers (17/10/2014)
  • The website that Kevin (above) refers to is:

    By John Newberry (14/10/2014)
  • Living in Castle Mead, I remember the Cheevers family well and am still in contact with Robin. We must have moved in at about the same time, as the first houses on the Beechfield Estate were completed in 1948. What great houses they were compared to the rabbit hutches of today. Solidly built with good gardens and even front doors painted in bright colours of red or blue, which certainly brightened up things after the austerity of the Second World War. It must have been wonderful for my parents after the three of us living in a house with two other families.

    By John Newberry (14/10/2014)
  • Yes, I remember Robin Cheevers. He was, I guess, a year or two older than me as he was certainly ahead of me when we both attended Hemel Hempstead Grammar School. There is a good website which will be of interest to old scholars – just type in the School’s name and I’m sure you will find it. There is at least one photo of Robin when he was in the Handicrafts Form.

    Kevin Ellis

    By Kevin Ellis (30/07/2014)