The Weather Diary of Sir John Wittewronge, December 1686

Audio footage of extracts from Sir John's diary

Read by Geoff Cordingley

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December 1686

The 10th instant drawn off a hogshead# of Clarrett, before it was tilted, between 19 & 20 dozen of bottles & afterwards a dozen or more at severall times

This month of December was the warmest & calmest season for the time of yeare that I remember (as was the last month) little or no frosts in eyther so that there were some few pincks, gillyfolwers & Anemonyes in flower & the Cowes went to grass till New yeares day there being a great deal of fog on the ground; yea so much that they were bated* therewith everyday till Candlemas

1 A close morning & a clear cool (yet calm) day               W:N

7 No frost, a calm cool day                                            W:W

15 After a very wet evening & night a very rainy warm day W:S

22 A fair clear cool cold calm day                                   W:NbyW

28 A sad darck day yet dry & calm                                 W:EbyN

# Hoggeshead: A liquid measure of 54 gallons of ale, beer or porter or 63 gallons of wine, spirits or cider.

* Bated: fed; to bait is to feed, graze or pasture.

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  • I have bought a copy of the printed transcription for this diary because I am working on John Gadbury’s London weather diary – October 31st 1668 to 31 Dec 1689 and I wished to have diary ‘nearby’ as a comparison. I am hoping to access Ashmole’s diary for South Lambeth eventually – all I have so far as a set of monthly rain days 1677 July to Dec 1685, and average figures for the annual wind directions for several years. So this diary looks to be very promising.

    By Keith Tinkler (19/04/2020)

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