The Beat Scene Club

at the Wolsey Hall Cheshunt (1964-1966)

By Rod Siebke

The Mark Four with Radio London DJ Tony Windsor outside The Victoria Cheshunt
The Mark Four, John Dalton,Eddie Phillips,Jack Jones,Mick Thompson & Kenny Pickett
The Mark Four on stage
The Animals Eric Burdon & Chas Chandler on stage at the Beat Scene Club
The Valkyrie--Pete Smith,Martin Marriott,Jerry Shirley & Angus Shirley

During the mid sixties a wealth of British Talent played at The Beat Scene Club held at The Wolsey Hall in Cheshunt.Here is a list of club nights held between 1964 and 1966.



16th The Migil Five


26th Unit 4+1


26th The Mark Four


02nd The Fairies

03rd Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

10th The Honeycombs

16th Johnny Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

17th The Roulettes

23rd The Mark Four

30th The Clique


02nd Unit 4+1

11th The High Numbers

14th The Mark Four

18th The Cheynes

21st The Cherokees

25th The Mark Four

28th Unit 4+1


04th The Poets

05th Herbie Groins & The Nightimers

11th Phillip Goodhand-Tate & The Stormville Shakers

13th The Shevells

18th The Who

19th Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbolts

25th The Fairies

26th Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames

29th R.B.Q.


09th The Birds

13th The Wackers

16th The Mark Four

20th The Fenmen

27th The Mark Four

30th The Challengers




02nd Mike Berry & The Innocents

06th The Roulettes

13th The Who

17th The Vincents

20th Cops ‘n’ Robbers

24th R.B.Q.

27th The Mark Four

31st The Wackers


03rd The Mark Leeman Five

07th The Prophets

10th Four + One

14th Loose Ends

17th The Riot Squad

24th The Mark Four


03rd The Animals

10th The Yardbirds

17th Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band

24th The Mark Four

31st The T Bones


06th The Zephyrs

14th The Downliner Sect

21st Them

28th The Shevells


12th The In Crowd

19th The Mark Four

26th Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages



08th The Moody Blues

15th Radio London Kenny & Cash Show


06th The Fourmost

10th The Mark Four

13th Radio London Kenny & Cash Show

17th Prophets

20th The Mojos

27th The Herd


03rd Radio London Kenny & Cash Show

10th The Mark Four

24th The Nashville Teens


01st The Who

08th The Mike Cotton Sound

15th The Pentad




12th The Small Faces


09th The Kinks

16thThe Valkyrie


02nd The Who


21st The Little People

31st Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers


07th The Riot Squad


Any corrections or additions to this list would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Helo everyone.

    The Beat Scene club was put together by my Dad and Mum. Norman and Chris Sheffield.

    Dad went to school with Cliff. Was in a local band called the Hunters who had a couple of hits. Then in 1968 created Trident Studios. The Worlds first 8 Track Studio where the Beatles recorded Hey Jude and Bowie became Ziggy. In 1972 he discovered and signed Queen.

    I was born in Waltham Cross and am still active in the music business. It’s in my blood. 😁

    By Russell Sheffield (18/02/2024)
  • WOW (Good Vibes) I was born in 1960 living off Theobalds Grove In Cheshunt during this time so I was VERY young at the time and my first record which I still have is ‘Pickty Witch’ That same old feeling (1969). I DO HAVE A COUPLE OF albums of The KINKS (LOLA) and 7″ singles of the WHO However my niche market is the 70’s and 80’s and have just STARTED up my own DJ BUSINESS and looking to expand my 60’s collection. I supported ENFIELD FC throught the 80’s and 90’s till their demise and now a BIG FAN of ENFIELD TOWN FC and saw their first match at HOME to Grays in Ryman North Div 1 when they moved in to Donkey Lane I Live in West London at the moment and have been to a few games last season and will go to a few more this season. Brilliant blast from the past MARK W

    By mark watts (24/07/2013)
  • Very interesting. I remember seeing some of these groups at the California Ballroom Dunstable. Plus elswhere, such as Watford, and believe it or not, Eric Burden and Chas. Chandler with Julie Grant at a fashion event in Hotham Park Bognor Regis in 1964. I took some cine film, which one day I will have to get transferred to DVD. But it is inconvenient at the moment. Alan French.

    By Alan French (28/03/2011)