Frank & Flo Hopcroft


By Geoff Webb

Frank & Flo Hopcroft
Geoff Webb

Frank Hopcroft and his sister Flo lived at the family home at 94 High Street, Redbourn.

Photo of Flo c.1910 and Frank c.1916

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  • Hi
    I would love to make contact but don’t have any way to contact apart from here. I think Geoff sent me contact details a few years ago but I am afraid I have lost them. I am happy to be contacted, but am unsure about posting my email address on a public forum. Geoff, are you able to help put us in touch? Apologies I did not follow through before. Many thanks

    By Kate Day (01/11/2019)
  • Dear Kate
    Many thanks for your comment. You’re quite right not to share your email address on the site. The editors wouldn’t publish it even if you did submit it in a comment.

    I know you’re keen to contact/be contacted by others. What we can do is send a message from any one registered contributor to another on their behalf, but cannot guarantee a response.

    If there is a message you would like to send to other contributor , please send it in an email to

    I regret to say that I believe Geoff Webb has passed away.

    Kindest Regards
    Marion Hill, Site Administrator

    By Marion Hill (05/11/2019)
  • I would like to make direct contact with Kate Day ,Susan Bardell and especially Geoff Webb (supplier of the photo) re the Hopcrofts I have email, or phone. Is this possible? I am not a member of Ancestry as I use it at my local library

    By Deirdre Richards (10/10/2019)
  • Dear Deidre
    Many thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I believe Geoff Webb has passed away, however if you send a message for Kate Day and Susan Bardell, I can forward it to them on your behalf. Please note that we cannot guarantee a response. You can send your message to
    Kind regards
    Marion Hill, Site Administrator

    By Marion Hill (05/11/2019)
  • Hi Kate
    Sorry for such a delay in replying. It seems we are related as descendants of John & Mary Hopcroft. Please contact me via email for further historical records. I am hoping that Mary’s parents were Edward & Margaret Sams.

    By Deirdre (12/11/2018)
  • Hi Deidre
    Yes, you are a relative of this family. Are you on Ancestry? I can show you how we are connected.

    Susan, I am sorry I have not been in touch. I would still like to know more about Flo, so if your contact is still happy to communicate, I am too!
    All the best
    Descendant of John and Mary Ann Hopcroft via their son George, his son WIlliam Benjamin Hopcroft, his daughter Minnie Hopcroft and her daughter Dorothy Bosley. (My grandmother)

    By Kate Day (09/10/2018)
  • I am a descendant of John & Mary Hopcroft who ran The Holly Bush pub in Church End in 1850 and then The Princes Head in Redbourn – any relationship? Their daughter Margaret married Alfred Jason Fenn of Revel End Farm

    By Deirdre Richards (13/07/2017)
  • There is another comment on the photo by Kate Day. I have been in touch with her and put her in touch with a member of the family, who may be able to help. I suggest you contact Kate through the website, and she may be able to help you with more information on Flo Hopcroft. Geoff

    By Geoff Webb (17/10/2012)
  • I have a family contact I can ask about Flo. I have been researching the Hopcroft family tree for some time please contact me via the website if you can. My grandad was Frederick William Hopcroft.

    By Susan Bardell nee Hopcroft (11/10/2012)
  • Does anyone know what happened to Flo? I am researching the family tree but have hit a blank after the 1911 census. I am a descendant of William Benjamin Hopcroft (1852-1876) who lived in Redbourn.

    By Kate Day (02/08/2012)